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Just focus on writing

Smart content retrieval as you work in Microsoft Word. 

All your documents at your fingertips - no need to navigate to other search applications. 

Makes it quick and easy to find content, so you can create documents faster.

Who is TypeMine for?

TypeMine is designed for enterprise customers who need better access to knowledge stored in their document libraries.  TypeMine makes it easier to find content as you write, speeding up document authoring and unlocking the value of the content you’ve already created. 

It’s great for any organisation that produces documents – making it faster and easier to write or assemble just about anything text-based, from complex proposals to sales and marketing materials. 

Why do you need better content retrieval? ​

Hours of staff time is wasted searching for document content stored in your enterprise file systems. Navigating to different folders, accessing different search tools and retrieving content from within documents is a drain on staff time and company resources, and a big source of frustration.  

“I’m sure I’ve written something like this before, but I can’t find it anywhere.” 

TypeMine provides an easy way to access document content, all without leaving Word, so that compiling documents is fast and streamlined.

What does TypeMine do?

TypeMine is a search tool which exposes your document library content to full-text search and content retrieval. It is a Word add-in which allows you to easily find documents and access relevant content, without leaving Word. Your staff can locate the information they need, when they need it. Less context switching and more productivity.


TypeMine technology

TypeMine uses natural language processing and statistical methods for document and query analysis. The search engine uses the power and speed of Azure Search, which also incorporates language processing features.  ​

AI and natural language processing techniques are used for text similarity analysis and feature extraction from text.  

Together, these techniques create a fast and accurate search experience. 

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