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TypeMine is a product of the Innovation Lab @ Theta

Jim Taylor leads emerging technologies architecture and manages the innovation programme at Theta. He works on emerging technologies like botscloudmachine learning and AR/VR. He's a regular contributor to Theta's tech blog
In 2014 he moved to NZ from the UK, where he had chalked up 12+ years’ experience using web based Microsoft .NET technologies across healthcare, charity, e-commerce and e-learning sectors.

​Rose joined Theta's Innovation Lab in 2018 after completing a Master of Information Technology. She is currently focused on applying text mining and natural language processing techniques in enterprise settings.

Emerging Technologies Architect

Jim Taylor
Emerging Technologies Architect

Software Developer

Rose McColl
Product Owner

​About TypeMine

Many organisations have a wealth of information stored in web pages, documents and databases. This can include policies and procedures, proposals, training information, service descriptions and product information. This information is stored in a variety of formats and is not always tagged or categorized in a way that enables easy discovery and integration with other services. It can therefore be a large drain on staff time to find and access required information.  

We had experienced this very problem, drafting customer proposals. We produce many documents every week, and although none are exactly the same, lots include similar elements. We wanted to find a faster way to re-use and adapt the content we had already created.  

​And so TypeMine was born.  

TypeMine was created to help our staff – and anyone else who struggles with this - to find and re-use written content, fast.  The app is a simple to use Word add-in, with high-powered document ingestion, analysis and search engine technologies under the hood. It exposes your enterprise document content to search and retrieval directly in Word, reducing application context switching and providing a streamlined and easy to access search experience. 

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​About Theta

Theta is an established New Zealand-owned IT consultancy with over 200 staff and offices in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch, serving customers in NZ and around the world. 

As well as building bots, we’re also analyticsdigitalbusiness solutions and systems management specialists. From strategy to implementation and beyond, we’ll deliver and support a solution that does exactly what you want, the way you want it. Our technical experts and project delivery team work with you to get your project across the line and get it right first time.

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